When Is The Best Time To Go To Canada?

Before you apply for an ETA Kanada, you should decide when to visit Canada first. Canada is a vast country, and the climate and the temperature can vary from one area to another. For instance, the cold and biting winters in the Northern Territories start early and usually end very late. Places like Labrador and Newfoundland often have snow even until early June. 

Wintertime In Canada

Meanwhile, the winter season in the Canadian Rockies is something you should experience because it’s an epic sight! Tourists come to Alberta and British Columbia for wintertime sports. It would help if you prepared for the cold with thick jackets, hats, gloves, boots, and scarves because it can get as cold as -40 degrees Celsius on the prairies.

Summertime In Canada

If you think wintertime is majestic, wait till you visit during the summertime. Summers are short in Canada, which is why it’s the busiest season of the year. Summers start June to end of September, and it’s during this day that prices of hotel accommodations, airlines and attractions are more expensive. You’ll observe inflated prices and a lot of people, especially in Canada’s major cities. 

It doesn’t get too hot during the summer in Canada. Temperatures remain in the 20s degrees Celsius; therefore, the climate is still comfortable and bearable. It is also during the summer season when music festivals are up, and countless outdoor activities are open, including hiking, biking, camping, and many more. 

Canada has a “shoulder season,” which is a period in the middle of the high and low seasons. The term was coined during the 1960s and referred to the season between the peak and the off-peak seasons. At this time, fares and rates tend to be more affordable. Shoulder season is from March and June and during this season, the weather and climate tends to 

Fall Season In Canada

Many tourists head to Canada during the fall season because the rates are still low, the temperature is still warm, and the lovely fall foliage is just too beautiful to overlook. During this season, tourists prefer to come to Quebec and to the Atlantic Provinces, where the surroundings are a splash of autumn colors.